I've been busy doing ghostwriting for new authors. I'd love to work on your book - you must have a story to tell!

Here is one book I've done: 

Here is another:

For the children - click on image for description

A classical music DVD with music from 21 composers and cool

video accompaniment.

Click "Contact me" below  for your copy

A classical music DVD with music from the famous "B' composers and cool video accompaniment.

Click "Contact me" below  for your copy

To be read to a child, after a death in the family - click for description
Books for adults - click for description

What would the USA be like with a Christian Fundamentalist president?

Read how Satan takes over a smartphone company and uses AI to destroy lives.

A "coffee table book", this is the biography of a talented portrait painter who painted the "who's who" in America. There are pictures of the portraits as well as testimonials from the customers, among them President George H.W. Bush.

Heart-warming stories from the residents of Prospect, Connecticut.

A cross between "Gulliver's Travels" and "Animal Farm", this book satirizes 21st. Century America.

A "must-read" for any aviation fan: A book written by the team that wrote the software that flew the Blackbird for twenty-two years!

A heart-warming story about the grandparenting experiences of thirteen Connecticut families. Contact me if you'd like a copy. (Limited distribution)

Would you like your story told?

Contact me for my ghostwriting services. Free estimates.

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For any inquiries, please contact me.


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