These two books are targeted to children between six and ten years old, but parents may wish to read the book to children in the three to five year old range.

The A to Z of Forgotten Animals

Deborah W Platt, Director
The Country Garden Daycare/Preschool of the United Methodist Church of Waterbury:
I loved it!  The animals are interesting and the verse is amusing and holds your interest.   I think preschoolers would enjoy this book as well as your older target audience. I really feel you have something special.

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Veggies A-Z, See 'em, Rhyme 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em

Hey, Kids: We're going to introduce you to some really cool vegetables that we bet your friends have never heard of.

We'll show you pictures of them. We'll give you poems about them. We'll provide you with recipes that your mother or father could make.

Irene Watson: Organizer of Viva la Vegan!  "I like that you have written about unusual vegetables, tell where they originate, provide recipes, and also inform people where they can be purchased. You've covered all your bases very well!"

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