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Have you ever wondered what kind of stories you’d get if you asked an entire small town to come up with stories about the most important events in their lives? Together with Gwenn Fischer, editor of the Prospect Pages, I did just that. The book is now published and on Amazon.  Please see the "adult novels" tab.

John Altson's bio:

John Altson retired from IBM in 2010 after more than twenty years of exposure to IBM's cutting-edge technology. His involvement with IBM Research is reflected in many of the concepts put into play within three of his adult novels.

John has published three children's books: What Happened to Grandpa? A child views the hereafter through the world's major religions was published in 2009; The A to Z of Forgotten Animals was published in 2010; Veggies:A-Z See 'em, Rhyme 'em, Cook 'em, Eat 'em was published in 2013.

John has a degree in mathematics from Hunter College in New York City and is a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the Mathematics Honor Society.

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